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Principal's Message


Dear Children,

I take this opportunity to talk to you about one of the most important components of “Self Culture” i.e.” Concentration”. For a student, it is very important that he/she is able to concentrate to develop himself morally, ethically, socially and academically.
“Concentration is centering the mind on one single thought”. If you focus the rays of the sun through a lens, they can burn cotton or a piece of paper, but the scattered rays cannot do this act. When water is converted into steam, the collective energy generated makes the railway engine move. In the same way, if you collect dissipated rays of the mind and focus them at a point, you will have wonderful concentration.
For a neophyte, the practice of concentration is disgusting and tiring in the beginning, but we are not to be disheartened. The mind should be trained to concentrate on gross subjects in the beginning; and later on, you  can successfully concentrate on subtle objects and abstract ideas concentrate on anything that appeals to you a good or anything which the mind likes best. In the beginning stages, you can concentrate on a black dot on the wall, a candle flame, a bright star, the moon or anything that appeals to the mind.
The practice of concentration and pranayama are interdependent. Natural Pranayama follows practice of concentration.
Purify the mind first through the practice of right conduct and then take to the practice of concentration.
Remember, ’Every mind was made for growth, for knowledge; and its nature is sinned against when it is doomed to ignorance’.
May God Bless you with inner strength and pure minds.